Convert yards to inches (yds to ins). Online yard calculator.

1 yard = 36.0 inches

Conversion yd to in

36.0 inches = 1 yard

1 Yard = 36.0 Inches

Using the online calculator on this page can do fast and easily converting yards to inches and inches to yards. This service is absolutely free and does not require any payments. All operations are performed quickly and easily.

How to do online conversion of yards to inches and how to work with the service

  • If in the left field you will be input the value in yards then automatically in the right field will be shown the corresponding value in inches. If you need to perform the reverse operation you must enter the value in inches in the right field and then automatically in the left field will be displayed the desired value in yards.
  • If you need a readily calculated values in inches, on current page, there is the yards static table with calculated values for inches in increments of 0.1 yd for all your calculations and conversions.
  • Also when entering values in yards or inches in the online calculator for the left or right fields the online service automatically will calculate additional Metric System Units (micrometers, centimeter, hectometer, decameter, meter, kilometer etc.), International Units (inches, feet, miles, picas, points etc.), US Survey Units (leagues, links, feet, miles, furlongs, perches etc.) they located at the bottom of the page in separate tables. You also can use the auxiliary tables for your calculation and your convenience.

Convert yards to inches is a necessary and important task for many calculations and measurements, which is performed many times a day. Yards and inches are used to measure lengths and distances in all fields of science and technology in engineering calculations as well as in manufacturing and trade. This online calculator on the page was adapted to convert between yards and inches and is suitable for all types of the diagonals of devices, including mobile devices and tablets, personal computers etc. on the page you can find the calculated values in tables and diagrams on all occasions.

Consider the example of how to convert yards to inches and back.

For example, you want to convert 1 yard into inches:

  1. in the left form field (or top field for the mobile version) enter the value 1 yard;
  2. in the right form field (or bottom field for the mobile version) you should see a value of 36 inches;
  3. in the bottom table with international units you should see values of inches, feet, miles, picas, points etc. for current 1 yard.

For example, you want to convert 1 inch into yards:

  1. in the right form field (or bottom for mobile version) enter the value 1 inch;
  2. in the left form field (or top field for the mobile version of the calculator) you should see a value of 0.0277777778 yd (1 inch is equal 1/36 yd);
  3. in the bottom table with international units you should see values of yards, feet, miles, picas, points etc. for current 1 inch.

Yard is one of the most important variables for measuring large lengths, distances, heights and sizes. If you are interested in the history of formation and development of the unit of measurement you can learn more at this link - wiki yard. For more convenient conversion inches to other units of measurement, you can visit the page quick online conversion inches to yards.
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Sat 18 Mar 2017

In the conversion table, you can find value inches for every yard from range 1-100, step 0.1 (yd)

Yards (yd):
Inches (in):
All conversions of 1 yard in the Metric System Units
1 (yd) to micrometers microns= 914400.0
1 (yd) to nanometers= 914400000.0
1 (yd) to decimeters= 9.144
1 (yd) to meters= 0.9144
1 (yd) to millimeters= 914.4
1 (yd) to kilometers= 0.0009144
1 (yd) to decameters= 0.09144
1 (yd) to hectometers= 0.009144
1 (yd) to centimeters= 91.44
All conversions of 1 yard in the US Survey Units
1 (yd) to survey chains= 0.0454544545456
1 (yd) to survey feet= 2.99999400001
1 (yd) to survey furlongs stade= 0.00454544545456
1 (yd) to survey leagues= 0.000189393560607
1 (yd) to survey statute miles= 0.00056818068182
1 (yd) to survey inches= 35.9999280001
1 (yd) to survey rods perches poles= 0.181817818183
1 (yd) to survey links= 4.54544545456
All conversions of 1 yard in the International Units
1 (yd) to inches= 36.0
1 (yd) to feet= 3.0
1 (yd) to miles= 0.000568181818182
1 (yd) to yards= 1.0
1 (yd) to picas= 216.0
1 (yd) to points= 2592.0
All conversions of 1 yard in the Astronomical Units
1 (yd) to light-year= 9.648e-17
1 (yd) to light-day= 3.530232e-14
1 (yd) to light-second= 3.05011008648e-09
1 (yd) to light-hour= 8.472528e-13
1 (yd) to astronomical unit= 6.11238636e-12
1 (yd) to parsec= 2.952e-17
1 (yd) to light-minute= 5.0835168e-11