Free converting inches and all other units of measure among themselves

Conversion in to cm

5 Inches = 12.7 Centimeters

The site was created for quickly converting inches to other popular units of measure and back. At the moment, the online calculator considers five major systems to convert the values between them in all directions.

Metric System: kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, (micrometer, micron), nanometer;

US Survey (the USA): foot, link, (rod, perch, pole), chain, (furlong, stade), mile, league;

International System: point, pica, inch, foot, yard, mile;

International Nautical: fathom, cable, nautical mile;

Astronomical: astronomical unit, light-second, light-minute, light-hour, light-day, light-year, parsec;

We use an online calculator for fast calculation and conversion of these values among themselves. The calculator works both ways and is able to convert inches to other units and vice versa other units to inches. International Internet shops, auctions and online directories contain millions of products with different characteristics, dimensions and properties. The inch is one of the most popular units of measurements and often people don't know how to do a quick calculation of the lengths or sizes when purchasing goods or choosing clothes, shoes, furniture and etc, we will help you to always make a correct recalculation in international units for any online stores. Also, it is often necessary to make measurements of distances. Different countries may have different standards for measuring lengths. Our service aims to help you to properly calculate and make the correct conversion of lengths, sizes and distances. Inch one of the most popular units to measure and you can read the development history and all the events associated with the designation inch via this link - wiki inch

We have just started our work and we will continue to add options for international, national, astronomical and other popular units for convert it to inches and back. In the future, we plan to make a program - offline inch calculator, which you can use on your computer or upload to your mobile phone. We hope that our work will help you quickly make calculations on the conversion of lengths and sizes among themselves. Currently we have a calculator "InchPro Decimal" smiley. The program works only for Ubuntu and OS Windows. You can visit the download page and install the program to your computer. 

Sun 02 Sep 2018
Convert inches to metric units

Metric System

Online conversion inches to metric units: kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, micrometer/micron, nanometer

Convert Inches to US Survey units

US Survey

Online conversion inches to US survey units: survey foot, link, rod, perch/pole/chain, furlong/stade, survey (or statute) mile, league

Convert Inches to international units

International System

Online conversion inches to International units: point, pica, inch, foot, yard, mile